Advanced Bonding Technology Developed to keep you in Production

InstaGRIP® Changes the Game!

Patented Advanced Bonding Technology Breakthrough that changes the game for several industries.

InstaGRIP® Takes Ceramics to the NEXT level

The integration of our Patented InstaGRIP® Adhesive System with nearly indestructible ceramic tiles allows our customers to operate indefinitely since your machine will break before our GRIP does.

instaGRIP® Ceramic Tiles utilize a PATENTED
(9-Step) State-of-the-Art, Military Inspired manufacturing process which delivers an instant and virtually unbreakable permanent bond.
Allowing our Clients and Industry Professionals to install up to 2 SQUARE FEET PER MINUTE with Laser-Like Precision bonding system.

Seconds to install

Why suffer losses because of repairs or installations that can take days or weeks? Get your plant up and running in minutes with Grain Elevator Repair Products!

Specialists In Grain Elevator Repair

Our company is a modern time saving solution to costly grain elevator repairs that takes hours/days/weeks to execute

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